Juice Cleanse…Day 3


Yup…I’m a quitter, a BIG, FAT…QUITTER!!!!!  I gave in and had a salad last night.  I don’t know what it was about the juices, but they did not sit well with me.  The thought of drinking the juice made me want to run to the bathroom and dry heave.  So after 2 days of pretty much starving myself, I gave in and had a salad.  I must say that it was the BEST salad of my life, the crunchy greens, the tender carrots and sweet bell peppers…YUM!!!!

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Juice Cleanse…Day 2

For the love of GOD, why am I doing this.  This is by far the worst I have felt in a long time.  It’s like the worst hang-over…without the fun memories of the night before.  My head feels like a mouse is burrowing inside, my stomach is doing back flips and just the sheer THOUGHT of drinking another juice is making me feel ill.  But besides all that…I feel great?!?!?!?

As I mentioned before…I do A LOT of research and I did come across several articles saying the detox side effects did include…nausea, dizziness, headache, fatigue and cloudiness.  Well, I can check all of those off the list.  At some point today I started to question why I’m actually doing this.  Then I remembered it was to clean out all the toxins that were laying dormant in my GI tract, liver and kidney’s.  Well my friendly organs you are welcome…I truly hope you are enjoying this cleanse as much as I am.  I will think twice before having that second (ok who are we kidding…third) glass of wine, or before I devour a grilled cheese sandwich made with Wonder Bread and good ol’ processed American Cheese.  I will put the hot dog down and instead pick up a delicious celery stick instead.  I promise to do all this, if you just please make the next 3 days a bit more tolerable than the last 2!!!  I think about the women that do the ‘Master Cleanse’ which is nothing more than water, cayenne pepper, lemon, and maple syrup and they do this for 10 days.  That is insane….I can’t even last 5 days drinking delicious juice.

I don’t know what the end results of this will be, but I really do hope that I;m doing right by my internal organs…and that they will forgive me next time I decide to go for broke and drink a vodka and soda…or two!

Juice Cleanse…Day 1

cleanseOver the weekend I bought up the produce section of the grocery store to prepare myself for the week of clean!  I was shocked to see how much money I had to spend to yield a mason jar worth of liquid.  Nothing healthy is cheap and juicing is no exception.  I had a blast juicing and bean loved standing next to me on the step stool helping every step of the way…and to my surprise, she LOVED the juice!  I can attest to the fact that the juice is delicious, not at all what I expected it to be.  I thought it would taste like dirt, but is actually tastes sweet and very refreshing.

Well here I am sitting in front of my computer day dreaming of anything and everything salty, crunchy, and doughy.  Today is DAY 1 of the cleanse.  I juiced enough juice last night to fill 9 mason jars (enough for about 2.5 days), made a weeks worth of dinner for the hubby and bean, and gave a sad look to the pumpkin bread I made…knowing I was just going to be looking at it all week.  None the less…I’m ready!!!!!!!  I woke up this morning feeling ready to kick the juice cleanse into over drive.  I had my warm 2 cups of water with lemon and ginger followed by my breakfast of juice apples, carrots and a lemon.  Not bad, so far.  I feel a bit tired as I would normally sip on my warm and delicious cup of coffee, but I have coconut water to fill that void!  I have a juice of apples, cucumbers, kale and parsley to look forward to during lunch followed by my afternoon snack of apple, beet and carrot.  I can’t wait for the energized, euphoric effects everyone is talking about.  In the mean time I will wait for the waves of hunger pains to subside and the incredible urge to devour anything salty.