Well Hello Again!!!!!

Did you miss me?!??!? I missed you!!!  I’m not going to bore you with all the mundane details of this never ending winter, but just know…IT HAS BEEN BRUTAL.  You would think that that would get me to blog like crazy, you thought wrong!  I have been devouring books like they are going out of style (oh wait…actual books kind of are).  I’ve been so wrapped up in my book I have plum forgot all about this little project:)

Update on the bean eating front.  Working awesome.  I have not deviated from my plan…bean eats what we eat…and it has been working perfect.  There are some nights she eats only a bit, but other nights she eats everything on her plate.  I consider this a HUGE parental win!!!

Go team MOM!!!!!


One thought on “Well Hello Again!!!!!

  1. Welcome back 🙂 it has been a very long winter here also. We didn’t get as much snow as you but long. Glad she is eating some of the things you guys are eating. It makes cooking a lot easier. This has also been a book reading winter for me


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