Toddler Taste

Everyone….and I mean EVERYONE told me that once my beautiful little bean turned 2 she would no longer be interested in eating her ‘super green’ breakfast.  I, however did not believe a word of what anyone told me.  They had no idea that I was about to prove everyone wrong and have that perfect little child who asks…no demands…to have her kale mixed into her porridge and broccoli with ever meal.

Ok…so I was wrong…WAY wrong.  See, we had a bit of an issue when bean when to her 1 year check up.  She, along with her mom and grandma have low iron levels.  Her pediatrician told me that I should put her on iron supplements.  I did some research and there was no way I was giving her iron supplements.  So I turned to every source a new mom turns to…the internet.  Some stuff I discovered was terrifying, but after I filtered through what was out there, I made a decision.  I decided to get her iron levels yup naturally, the good ol’ fashion way.  I stocked up on kale, spinach, and any other green vegetable I could get my hands on.  I steamed them, puree them, and put them into ice cube trays and stuck them into the freezer.  The best part about the ice cube trays, is that they are exactly 1 oz, it’s a perfect portion for meals. For 1 solid year, bean had ‘super green’ in everything.  I put it into her porridge, her yogurt, her dinner…everything.  There is nothing better than watching your 1 year old devouring a green yogurt or green porridge.  When I took bean for her year 2 doctors appointment…her iron levels were normal.  Woot…Woot!!!!  Way to go super greens!!!!  At this point bean never complained about the super greens, she even seemed to like them.  Then came the day, at about 2 and a half that she looked at me and says “mommy I don’t want these flowers in my food”.  Yup, there you have it folks, she no longer wanted “flowers” in her food.  Pretty much from that moment on it has been a constant struggle to get her to eat anything.  She went from being the best little eater to a mac and cheese/quesadilla eating machine. That is yet another reason why I decided to do the year of fresh.  I no longer what to make a separate meal for bean, I was raised in a house were I ate what my parents ate, and that is what we were going to do.  I had to get out of the mind set that my precious little bean was going to starve herself…she was not.  If she didn’t like what was in front of her, she could have some fruit or vegetables (HA!!!).  I know toddlers need the space to express themselves and I know that one day, soon I hope, she will turn the corner and again demand “flowers” in the yogurt.  Until then, I will continue to experiment with new food and flavor combinations.


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