Juice Cleanse…Day 3


Yup…I’m a quitter, a BIG, FAT…QUITTER!!!!!  I gave in and had a salad last night.  I don’t know what it was about the juices, but they did not sit well with me.  The thought of drinking the juice made me want to run to the bathroom and dry heave.  So after 2 days of pretty much starving myself, I gave in and had a salad.  I must say that it was the BEST salad of my life, the crunchy greens, the tender carrots and sweet bell peppers…YUM!!!!

To be honest with you, I don’t actually think of myself as a quitter, sure I didn’t finish the 5 day juice cleanse, but at a certain point you have to listen to your body.  I really tried to drink the juice, but I think it was too much acid in my stomach that was causing me to have serious nausea.  So I pretty much lived off of water and tea for the 2 days…that in not what I was looking get out of this.  I didn’t want to deprive my body of anything, I was hoping to help my body by giving it all the nutrients it needed…and starving myself was not accomplishing anything.

Since we are being honest here, I think I only did this since it was the ‘in’ thing to do.  Just like millions of others…I jumped on the detox bandwagon…then I quickly jumped off!  All I wanted was to purge my system of all the bad toxins that I had consumed through food, water and air.  Well I purged my system alright.  Then I started to think about the toxins…our bodies are designed to flush out toxins.  That is why we have a liver and kidneys.  My system was working great, so perhaps it was doing its thing and I didn’t need to help.  All I know is that I did not feel healthy while on this cleanse and any time I don’t feel healthy I know I’m not doing the right thing for my body.  Don’t get me wrong, I know several people who have done this successfully, but every body is designed different.  Perhaps my body was not designed to take in all that juice at once.

I have decided to take the cleanse into my own hands.  Since juicing is not for me, I’m going to do my own type of cleanse.  For the next 10 days I will not eat any red meat, drink any coffee, consume dairy, and I will stay away from anything processed.  I will eat only lean meat and fish, whole grains, nuts and TONS of fresh veggies and fruits.  To that I will drink water and continue my daily stroller running and nightly workout routine.  I figure this will help my body eliminate some of the toxins and I will not be depriving my body of anything…and more importantly I will still be able to enjoy life.  I can’t spend another night curled up on the couch to weak to play with bean.

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