Juice Cleanse…Day 1

cleanseOver the weekend I bought up the produce section of the grocery store to prepare myself for the week of clean!  I was shocked to see how much money I had to spend to yield a mason jar worth of liquid.  Nothing healthy is cheap and juicing is no exception.  I had a blast juicing and bean loved standing next to me on the step stool helping every step of the way…and to my surprise, she LOVED the juice!  I can attest to the fact that the juice is delicious, not at all what I expected it to be.  I thought it would taste like dirt, but is actually tastes sweet and very refreshing.

Well here I am sitting in front of my computer day dreaming of anything and everything salty, crunchy, and doughy.  Today is DAY 1 of the cleanse.  I juiced enough juice last night to fill 9 mason jars (enough for about 2.5 days), made a weeks worth of dinner for the hubby and bean, and gave a sad look to the pumpkin bread I made…knowing I was just going to be looking at it all week.  None the less…I’m ready!!!!!!!  I woke up this morning feeling ready to kick the juice cleanse into over drive.  I had my warm 2 cups of water with lemon and ginger followed by my breakfast of juice apples, carrots and a lemon.  Not bad, so far.  I feel a bit tired as I would normally sip on my warm and delicious cup of coffee, but I have coconut water to fill that void!  I have a juice of apples, cucumbers, kale and parsley to look forward to during lunch followed by my afternoon snack of apple, beet and carrot.  I can’t wait for the energized, euphoric effects everyone is talking about.  In the mean time I will wait for the waves of hunger pains to subside and the incredible urge to devour anything salty.

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