Snot Bubbles and All That Fun!!!!!

Yup…it is that time of year, you know the time when every child is running around with a snot bubble under their nose.  My daughter is not the exception.  I dread dropping her off at daycare and seeing the 2 other girls in one of the 3 stages of cold.  As I’m sure their mom’s are equally thrilled when Sid goes there with her snot bubble.  Colds are a part of life and just life every part of life, they are something that we must endure.  Endure we do!!!!

This is the story of how I became a believer of essential oils and their amazing abilities.

When Sid was 1 year old we flew to Chicago for Christmas (my parents live out there) and as with any 1 year old the first year of life is nothing but year of sickness.  You try so hard to shield them from those pesky bugs but to no avail…it is only a matter of time before the snot bubble starts forming under your precious baby’s nose.  Well that was us on our way to Chicago…we were that family.  You know which one, the one that has the screaming 1 year old that no one wants to sit next to.  Guess what…it’s a full flight and you my friend just lucked out with a spot right next to me and my snot bubble of a precious daughter.  She screamed the whole flight, then I started to cry because I felt so bad.  We got through it and what I discovered on the tail end of that FUN trip was Elderberry syrup.  That’s right…now for the hippie portion of this.  I remember this stuff from when I was a little girl living in the Czech Republic (at that time it was Czechoslovakia) and I though why not give it my daughter.  Since that trip I have been giving her a table spoon of the syrup everyday and I cringe less when I see a snot bubble approaching, I know my daughter has some serious immune boosters in her corner.

I’m telling you this stuff works.  Not only does it taste like sweet jam it is loaded full of immune boosters.  I get mine at the local ‘hippie, dippie, granola store’ (as my husband would refer to it) it really helps keep the immune system up and when a cold does sneak in…it lasts just a fraction of the time.  When the cold does hit, and I promise a cold will inevitably hit I discovered a wonderfully natural way to ‘cure’ it.  Ok…so I didn’t discover it, but I tested it and it worked!  My cousin (who is much like me…down to the hippie dippie lifestyle) really got me into the essential oil world.  Whenever Sid got a cold I always put Vick’s vapor rub on her chest and the bottoms of her feet.  My cousin told me to use a bit of cooking oil (olive or coconut) with a  few drops of eucalyptus oil.  AMAZING!!!  Not only does it smell amazing, it also helps with the cold.  So there I was rubbing olive oil mixed with eucalyptus all over my daughter.  It worked and I stared to become a believer!!!

Now for the real fun.  I myself had a bit of a snot bubble, what I mean is I was SICK…I don’t mean the sniffles, I mean full on head cold with headache and snot for days (sorry).  I was helpless, my homeopathic pellets were minimally reducing the symptoms.  I was desperate.  So following my cousin’s advise I decided to take a look into my ever expanding essential oil cabin and make myself an elixir.  I took 3 drops of frankincense, 2 drops of lemon and mixed it with a shot of water and down the hatch.  As I went to bed that night I told my husband that if I still felt this crummy in the morning I was going to get real drugs!!!  I woke in the morning and I felt AMAZING.  I even decided to go for a run.  I was amazed at how fast the results were.  My husband kept making fun of me and my snake oils…until one day the snot bubble came knocking on his door.  I made him my elixir and POOF…cold gone!!!!


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