New Year…New Me?!?!?!?!

Well this is OFFICIALLY it…I have started a blog.  I have been talking about doing this for about 3 year and I finally got off my butt and did it.  After reading several posts I decided 2015 was the year…and here I am.  Since I’m new to this, (like 5 minutes new) I guess I should start by tell you a bit about myself.  First and foremost, I’m a mommy!!!!  I love being a mommy and I would not trade it for anything in the world.  I know a lot of women say that, but in my hearts of hearts I know that is what I was meant to do.  Yes, there are some very challenging days, but seeing that love in your child’s face is something that can never be replaced!  To being a mommy you can add wife to a wonderful man, daughter to two wonderful parents and a full-time working stiff.  Needless to say I have a bit on my plate at any given time.  We live in Newport, Rhode Island and we absolutely love it.  We can be by the beach and enjoy the water…life is good for us.

So why did I start this blog…I guess I feel I have something to share with everyone.  Not that everyone wants to hear what I have to say, so if there is some thing I say that offends you…sorry I promise I did not mean it.  When I became a mom I wanted a better life for my daughter…not better than I had ( I had a great childhood), just better than I knew was in her future.  I see kids these days and I didn’t want that for my daughter.  I wanted her to grow up in a world that was free of GMO’s, pesticides, red and yellow #1-100, and the countless other additives that are added to just about everything.  So my journey started to better my daughter’s life.  I have spent countless hours in front of the computer, reading books, talking to friends and family and just listening to my instincts.  What I discovered about myself and the world we live in was eye-opening.  It seems that everyday I try to eliminate one more product from our lives and replace it with a natural solution.  So far, so good!!!!!

I started by making my own baby food, then I decided to take all our medications and throw them out.  I replaced everything with homeopathic alternatives…have never looked back!  My latest obsession is essential oils…I know I may have lost you at this point.  I promise I am NOT one of those essential oil people who are so far out there you wonder how on earth they survive in the world.  Trust me, that is NOT me…I am by all means a very normal person.  I just want something different and I want to feel good about giving it to my family.  So this is me in a 500 words or less.

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