Juice Cleanse, Detox, and Renew

With the holidays behind me I thought this would be a good time to start a blog and detox.  Why not!  Blog started now time for the detox.  I’m a research nut, I love to find out as much information as possible before I try, buy, or do anything.  I did research (as I do with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING) and found what looks like a very legit 5 day juice cleanse.  How hard can it be right?!?!?!  I have done the 1 day master cleanse…you know the one with only water, lemon and cayenne.  So I figured…let’s give it a try.  I knew I would need help and who else is as nutty as me…my cousin.  So I roped her into it…actually she came along very willingly.  So our juice cleanse starts on Monday!!!!  YIKES.  Now that the word is out I’m getting a bit nervous as everyone is telling me how hard it is.  We shall see, just like everything in life, you wont know until you try.

I promised my husband and daughter that I would not make them suffer so I plan on making them dinner, but for me it will be juice for 5 days straight!  I think I will really miss the action of chewing…weird to think about, but I have never NOT chewed something for more than a day.

After careful consideration we decided to go with the ‘reboot with joe’ program.  It has a vast variety of juices to choose from so if one is not to my liking I can switch to something else.  They are all color coded so you can pick the juice concoction in that category.  I also liked that it did not include buying anything special (except the fruit and veg), no special juice or supplement.  I will keep you posted on my daily progress…or as my husband would say, my daily cranky scale progression!

Wish us luck!!!!!!


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