Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year.  The time to dust off your neglected top shelves, scrub the insides on the light fixtures, and just air out the house that has been boarded up from the winter chill for months.

This year I plan on doing all the cleaning using essential oils.  I have a few good concoctions that I have researched, but I’m always looking for new ideas.

What are your deep cleaning tricks?


Well Hello Again!!!!!

Did you miss me?!??!? I missed you!!!  I’m not going to bore you with all the mundane details of this never ending winter, but just know…IT HAS BEEN BRUTAL.  You would think that that would get me to blog like crazy, you thought wrong!  I have been devouring books like they are going out of style (oh wait…actual books kind of are).  I’ve been so wrapped up in my book I have plum forgot all about this little project:)

Update on the bean eating front.  Working awesome.  I have not deviated from my plan…bean eats what we eat…and it has been working perfect.  There are some nights she eats only a bit, but other nights she eats everything on her plate.  I consider this a HUGE parental win!!!

Go team MOM!!!!!

For the Love of Walnuts

I can’t say enough about this magical nut.  We use walnuts for everything in the house.  Chop some up to spruce up any plain salad, grind them up to add to your favorite sweet bread, add them to pasta…just about everything.  If I could diffuse them in my water…I would try!!!

What do you use them for????


Wednesday Night Dinner

goat curry
Yup…Goat Curry!!!! Have I lost you?!??!?! I hope not because this is the most amazing thing EVER. Thanks to our local CSA, we get fresh meat (and veggies) from the farm. We recently picked up some goat. I had NO IDEA what to make with it, so I researched and voila…Goat Curry. The meat is like nothing you have ever tasted, so tender and juicy. The best part…bean loved it!!!!!!

Local Farm = Localvore

Bean and Larry

Bean and Larry

We are super lucky to have a local farm.  And not just any farm a farm that is dedicated to all things organic, natural and from the earth.  We live in a time when organic is tossed around like a catch phrase.  Everywhere you go you hear it, there is no escaping it.  But to go to a farm and chat with the farmer (Karla) and get to know her on a personal level is something way more than ‘organic’!

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Toddler Taste

Everyone….and I mean EVERYONE told me that once my beautiful little bean turned 2 she would no longer be interested in eating her ‘super green’ breakfast.  I, however did not believe a word of what anyone told me.  They had no idea that I was about to prove everyone wrong and have that perfect little child who asks…no demands…to have her kale mixed into her porridge and broccoli with ever meal.

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Eat Fresh!

I seem to have a new mantra for 2015, start something new!  Well I started a blog, started a cleanse, and now I vow to make fresh meals for the family.  Don’t get me wrong…I wasn’t serving my family TV dinner every night, but I was (am) the Queen of ‘make ahead meals’.  I would make a big lasagna, shepherds pie, or a stew on Sunday and that would propel us well into mid week.  On Wednesday I would make a pizza and Thursday and Friday it would be pasta.  My husband nor bean ever complained, but I was getting bored.  So I took a vow (after my ‘cleanse’) to eat better and fresher.

So here I am taking this big step into cooking fresh meals every night.  I know there are tons of moms (and dads) that do this every night, so why not give it a whirl.  Now I need some ideas for quick, simple and fresh meals.  I tapped into my cousin’s wealth of information and she supplied me with a few tools to get started.  So yesterday it was fish tacos with fresh black bean salsa and tonight we will be feasting on chicken stir fry with ginger jasmine rice.  Sounds pretty good huh?!??!  I just have to get out of the mindset that as soon as I get home from work I relax…nope…not until dinner is done.

Tell me your quick, easy, and fresh meal ideas!!!!!!